Why are American pine nuts producer direct the best?

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 US Producer Direct Pine Nuts  100%  Made in America !! Fresh, 100 % natural, chemical free and inshell or shell free  ships farm direct!!?

  Local Pine Nuts harvested from Nevada or Colorado, Utah or New Mexico in the United States, or certified organic pine nuts from China?   

Forest to Fork -

 Pinyon Forests of Nevada and Utah

100% Species Specific

    Available in raw fresh,


roasted, inshell or shell free

  Forest To Fork -

Pinon Forest of Southwestern United States

New Mexico

Utah Arizona Colorado

100% Species Specific

      Available in raw  - dehydrated,

      roasted, inshell or shell free

                                              Certified Organic Pine

                                      or, producer direct American PineNuts?



                      Nevada  Pinyon Pine Nuts


Pinus Monophylla -

Soft Shell Pine nuts, Nevada Pine Nuts, Jumbo Pine Nuts, Great Basin Pine Nuts, Pinyon Nuts

What are the differences in pine nut species?



Quantity: lbs

These nuts are cracked, shells are removed with air, the nuts are washed in activated oxgen water - an NOP approved / allowed treatment - then packaged in "green bags" or "produce bags" to help insure freshness and shipped priority mail.

Fresh raw shell free American Pine Nuts have about a 10 day shelf life.  The pine nuts must be consumed, frozen or dehydrated shortly upon receipt.  This is a seasonal product.


                    Pinon Pine Nuts

Pinus Edulis -

Also Known Pinon Nuts, Pinons, Hardshell, New Mexico Pinon, New Mexico Hardshell, Pinos,  

Harvested US  Southwest 2012

Wild Harvest - Local - Not certified organic

Dehydrated - shell fee - Farm Direct

1-oz sample: $7.50 1/4 lb: $24.95 1/2 lb: $44.95 1 lb: $64.95


Goods From The Woods



            PINON PINE NUTS         SHELL  FREE

                & Gently air-dried

                                     Harvested 2012 

'Hard-shell pinon' pine nuts (Pinus edulis) from Colorado, shelled and gently air-dried at 110 degrees F - which greatly intensifies the flavor. They are totally unbelievable! Sweet, rich, oily. Over 2 1/2 lbs of pine nuts were required for each pound of this natural superfood!

These nuts are cracked, shells are removed with air, the nuts are washed in activated oxgen water - an NOP approved / allowed treatment - then slowly air dried for 48 -72 hours.  PERFECT FOR RAW FOODERS - 100 % natural no additives, slow food


$40.00 per pound

           Custom Processed by special arrangements please email


                       Imported   Pine Nuts 


Species Unknown, Unidentified



We have been a certified organic producer and processor.


Due to the scope of probllems with organic fraud, we dropped our National Organic Program certification.

We found people did reall want the paper to prove the our products were chemical free and 100% natural.

People want farm direct, healthy food and to know their farmers.  We are the real deal - no paper certifications needed.





Pine Nuts from The USA harvested in the wild and handled by people trained in organic processing and previously certified organic growers and processors.


Read our comments to The USDA about organic fraud in wild crop harvesting


 We can go on and on about what organicy certification means in the world of commodity imported pine nuts from China. We can tell you that no one will advertise their pine nuts are a product of China in big bold print on their packages.

Organic Pine Nut Brands which import pine nuts from China

Woodstock Farms

Good Sense








Food Miles

Drying Dehydration Processes  

Fair Trade

Environmentally Friendly





Unknown, often times can be slave or forced labor

State Factories,